Aaron Ishaeik

Aaron Ishaeik is an artist based in San Diego, California. From natural to surreal Aaron's work deals with the complicated relationship between nature and humanity as it relates to our environment.

Aaron is a creative and accomplished artist with experience in many different aspects of printmaking, painting and sculpture.


The environment and humanity are two separate entities – locked in conflict. Humans are largely seen on a societal level as being the aggressor, wreaking havoc and taking what it needs from a world and the environment sitting passive and weak.

This aggression is seen with humanity evolving beyond themselves first through basic tool making as seen in the Paleolithic era to our present ability to construct with machines and destroy with advanced weaponry. From those very first tools the main objective was to alter and take advantage of the environment to advance the collective– even at the expense of tribes and cultures within the species.

But this presupposes that environment is simply what exists on the surface of this planet. In reality it is much more. Given the chance it would overtake any structures we have created in a relatively short period of time. The science fiction novel by George R. Stewart, Earth Abides, depicts the absolute power the earth and its environment have over humanity if given the chance - James Sallis, writing in 2003 in the Boston Globe: "Earth Abides proves a kind of antihistory, relating the story of humankind backwards, from ever-more-abstract civilization to stone-age primitivism."

This new world would begin with our fallen world as a template. Much as we build golf courses and ski resorts over trash heaps the world would grow over and dominate our man made cities using it as a structural foundation. Think of coral growing over sunken ships – entire worlds and ecosystems built on the death of men.

This meditation of the ultimate struggle and its implications serves as the foundation of my work. I translate this through a variety of mediums including painting, intaglio, relief and sculpture in order to fully explore these ideas. Each of these mediums provides a different and unique perspective to this premise and furthermore influences each other as they are developed in tandem.

The visual landscapes are created with simple compositions but within these compositions endless and complicated forms and textures emerge. Much like the image of stability in our world is undercut by the sheer madness and destructive chaos that is within the potential of every living and intimate thing.