Evelyn La Rosa

Evelyn La Rosa was born in Denton, Texas and received her BA in drawing and painting from the University of North Texas.  She prints letterpress text and color woodcuts at Bay Park Press in San Diego.  Her prints, books, paintings and collages are often inspired by the impressions she receives during her travels.  She has work in private and public collections including the University of California San Diego, Claremont Scripps College, and Stanford University libraries.  Her work has also has been shown in three triennials curated by Bokartas in Vilnius Lithuania.

Book descriptions:

Palermo was created by a desire to reveal some of the city’s richness and beauty that is often overlooked by casual visitors.  It is a city that requires time and attention to appreciate its many layers of history and culture.  Letterpress and woodcuts suit the subject matter well because they are both old forms and they also take time to make and to appreciate. 

Forest Writings is a meditation on messages from nature inspired by the discovery of rune like marks found under the bark of fallen trees in a New Mexico forest.