New Show: Receptacles for Memories that can't possibly be true

Join us Feb. 11 for Judith Christensen's fabulous new work!

                      Don't forget to come to the opening reception on Saturday, Feb. 11, at 5:30 p.m. !

                    Don't forget to come to the opening reception on Saturday, Feb. 11, at 5:30 p.m. !

We cordially invite you to San Diego’s newest "housing development”.
Artist Judith Christensen uses the house as a metaphor and asks us to take a tour,
perhaps stirring up memories of our own houses and other past memories. 

She writes ”a house has a presence and a significance that goes beyond the studs, copper pipes, and roofing. It provides the framework in which we eat, sleep, converse, procreate, and, for some, die.  It also serves as the container for the objects we collect, store and arrange.
More significantly, it is the repository of our memories and the life we spend there.  Our memories change over time, and as we collect them, they change our other memories.
These pieces reflect the layering that time imparts to how we recall our experience.”

The interaction of memory, experience, place and language has been central to Judith’s work. These latest artworks are a must-see…and who knows...perhaps you will find your perfect dream house!

PLUS! A Special Bonus Exhibit --> Kathi McCord

We have long wanted to show the extraordinary print work of longtime San Diego artist Kathi McCord.
Our impending closing has limited our show dates, so we magically squeezed out some space to showcase her work. Kathi’s exquisite drawing talents and delightful subject matter make her intaglio prints some of the best around…a must have!

If you haven’t been to Bay Park Press for a while, do come say hello. This is our second-to-last exhibition.
Stay tuned for the date of our farewell show and party in March /April.